AYURVEDA commitment to cure thru VAAT PITTA KAPHA
Welcome to Karna International LC company committed to serve mankind
for healthy cruelty free life natural way.

AYURVEDA India's ancient Science of Natural and holistic healing which
was developed thousands of years ago by spiritually elite which is now
manifesting modern world.

Main part of
Ayurveda was originally created by sages of past. Ayurveda
assists herbs to harmonize with body metabolism generating own healing
energies by developing immunity for healthy life.

Ayurvedic formulations are based on traditional combinations as well as
those developed through twenty five years of clinical practice. We aspire to
blend the science of
Ayurveda with modern medical research methodology
to provide natural solutions to human ailments. Our mission is to serve the
people by providing quality products for healthy living and striving for
"Global Wellness".

Ayurveda is made up of two Sanskrit words:
Ayu which means life and
Veda which means the knowledge of. To know about life is Ayurveda.
According to the ancient Ayurvedic scholar Charaka, "ayu" is comprised of
four essential parts. The combination of mind, body senses and the soul.